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What People Are Saying

Expert Care

“Anna Mulholland is a phenomenal massage therapist. Anna knows exactly how and where your body needs the most attention and she would achieve the absolutely best results even if I did not tell her about my specific issues. Not only does Anna provide a superior quality massage, she also is very knowledgeable in the health sciences, both traditional and alternative. Anna recommended another alternative medicine specialist who literally changed my life. Anna is very knowledgeable, hard working, and very experienced. My life has definitely changed for the better since I became a client of Anna’s. I have had numerous massage therapists throughout my life and I can very highly recommend Ms. Mulholland to anybody who likes or needs a massage.” 
–Ilona S.

“I have been to see a few massage therapists, but none compare to Anna. She is professional, personable, and an expert in her field. I went into her office with knee and hip pain, stressed from work, and left her office feeling as if I just got back from a week in the Caribbean. Whether you’re training for a marathon, stressed at work, or just looking for a little R&R, call Anna and you will feel better. I highly recommend her services!” 
–Jonathan S.

“I was impressed with Anna's ability to quickly and confidently start working on my most troublesome areas of back and neck pain. She zeroed in on the specific issues I was having and not only began working them out, but also provided me with some very helpful tips on what to be mindful of between appointments so as to try and prevent some of the problems from reoccurring.” 
–Dave M.

“It is a rarity that I can find a massage therapist, especially one who practices deep tissue and trigger point therapy, who has enough strength to be able to help me, and who has the knowledge base and awareness to be able to handle the complexities of my injuries. After the very first treatment with Anna, I was overjoyed in having found someone who can handle the remnants of injuries my body has sustained in the past, and the high level of athletic mileage my body currently undergoes on a daily basis. I run a Strength and Conditioning/Physical Fitness business. I teach 18 classes a week and practice Martial Arts profusely. I recommend Anna to my clients and to anyone who wants help with troubled areas of the body. Her work helps me maintain functional body mechanics and claim higher levels of athletic performance. Anna's work is exceptional. Thank you Anna.” 
–Mandla N.

NOTE:  Mandla refers to “strength”, but the key components, in my opinion, are courage and appropriate body mechanics in combination with training and intuition.  

"I have been working with Anna for the past nine months, and she has relieved my neck, hip, and back pain with her incredible massages. Also, the exercises she has me do have helped as well. I think she is one amazing lady." 
–Robyne T.

"Anna listens carefully and works with her clients to provide optimum benefits for the whole body. Her knowledge base of the body's structural muscular skeletal system is impressive. Anna is intelligent, personable, and professional. I have been to dozens of massage therapists in the greater Boston area, and Anna is the only one who has consistently provided excellent therapy. I intend to continue my body work with her for a long time to come." 
–Kat F.

Dedicated to Health and Wellbeing

“Anna takes her work seriously and her dedication shows. She helps relieve physical pain. I find her down-to-earth manner and her extensive expertise a wonderful match for my needs. I recommend her highly.” 
–Trisha G.

"I have had massages all over the world at some VERY expensive resorts. No one anywhere has given me the kind of massage that Anna has. She has an amazing gift for sensing exactly where the problems are and working them out. She is extremely talented. I don't live in Boston any more, but every time I'm there, I make it a point to get a massage from Anna. It's wonderful." 
–Lisa S.
“Anna's work as a massage therapist is focused and extraordinarily well done. Helped relieve much tension and stress.” 
–Thomas F.

"Anna really believes in what she does and is totally committed to ensuring her clients get the maximum benefit from massage. Short and sweet: she helps us feel better." 
–Abigail M.

"Anna is great! Such a fun personality and wonderful with my muscles! " 
–Christina G.

Individualized Care

“I have been seeing Anna Mulholland regularly for massage therapy for over a year. She is the first massage therapist I've experienced who closely tailors her massages to my particular aches, pains, twinges, and chronic neck and lower back problems. She has brought me genuine and lasting relief. She is a great listener, and is able to hone in on problem areas and then target them -- with immediate results. I wholeheartedly recommend her.” 
–Evelyn M.

"She comes to my home; I am disabled and this is a very important service for me." 
–S. M.

"Anna is a true specialist. My wife and I have been seeing Anna on a monthly basis for a variety of pains associated with training for the Chicago marathon. When I walk into her office, I often feel like I have been hit by a bus. By the time I leave, I feel like I just spent a week at the Ritz being pampered on the beachside. If anyone can make you feel better, Anna can. " 
–Jonathan S.

"Anna knows her stuff--I was having a lot of stiffness in my back and neck, and Anna fixed it." 
–Dave Z.

“My body responded well to Anna's massage. She asked excellent questions to get to know my particular situation and to focus her treatment. Her suggestions were insightful. I definitely recommend Anna Mulholland for Therapeutic Massage!” 
–Clifford S.

"Just had a massage the other day from Anna. I was suffering from very sore feet. After her treatment, my feet felt much better!" 
–Claudia T.

Education and Insight

“I am a chiropractor, and as such, am a great proponent of all forms of natural healthcare. I have used many different forms of holistic healthcare and have experienced the treatments of many different providers. Anna Mulholland, LMT, while reasonably new to her practice, seems to me to have an inborn sense of what is awry in the musculoskeletal system for any person's given complaint(s). This is a gift that many healers don't truly have. Anna's treatments are appropriately deep and to the point(s), and she gets real results that are reasonably longstanding. I am a regular weekly client of Anna’s, and have referred many a patient to her. Across the board, all of my patients are happy with her treatments! I would as highly recommend her for massage as I would recommend myself for chiropractic care!” 
–Howard F.

“Anna teaches you about your body, and what might be the sources of pain and how you can address them. I felt better after my massage, but also learned how to help myself.” 
–David K.

“Anna is an excellent massage therapist who has helped me alleviate lower back and hip pain due to years of horseback riding and several falls. I had only used chiropractors in the past and had never addressed the soft tissue problems. After one treatment, I began to understand how important therapeutic massage is. 
Anna advocates total body awareness and encourages her clients to think about where the pain is coming from and what activities might be aggravating it. She has given me specific exercises geared towards increasing range of flexibility in my hips, and they have really worked. Anna's is personable, thorough, and highly skilled. I would recommend that you try her once and you will understand why I am so enthusiastic. You will definitely feel the difference.” 
–Maureen G.

"Anna has an educational approach with her massage; she instructs on posture, relaxation exercises one can do (as homework) to continue the progressive effects of her massage, and promotes health and wellbeing. I have received many a massage and believe that Anna has now become the model massage therapist to which everyone else will be compared. Excellent and lasting relief." 
–Michael T.

"After my massage with Anna, my tight shoulders felt a lot looser. She also had excellent insight into how I could take action to reduce pain on my own. Recommended!" 
–Cliff S.

"Focuses on the physiological source of the stress as well as painful symptoms. Leave feeling refreshed and relaxed." 
–Thomas F.

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