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Testimonials for Anna Mulholland's Brookline massage therapy services

"Anna is a very skilled massage therapist who makes one aware of where they hold tension and any bad habits that may contribute to discomfort in the soft tissue."

Manna Massage


Why Choose Anna?


Anna is dedicated to creating meaningful and sustainable change in each client’s soft tissue. Through Deep Tissue Massage, Anna strives to meet the needs of each client in the moment, and relieve their pain and discomfort. Creating and maintaining health is an ongoing process, and bodywork in particular is a perpetual work in progress. Anna brings her sensitivity, patience, and compassion to each of her clients.


Deep Tissue Paradox

Collaboration is one component of successful Deep Tissue Massage. Anna encourages each of her clients to stay in touch with their body throughout a session, and “ride the edge of intensity” to the best of their ability. Paradoxically, the more aware and communicative a client is during a Massage session, the greater the impact will be on their health and well-being. Deep Tissue massage is not about “zoning out”, but rather, it’s about creating a heightened awareness of one’s own body.