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Testimonials for Anna Mulholland's Brookline massage therapy services

"You will actually feel better!"
–Joan Figler

Manna Massage


About Massage

Finding the "Right Fit"

The beauty of bodywork is that each practitioner brings his or her unique approach to a massage session. Each client and practitioner forms a unique working relationship, so finding the right fit is critical to successful bodywork.

Anna meets with her clients to discuss the type of massage that will best meet their needs. Anna has her clients’ best interests at heart!

How Often?

To experience cumulative benefits of Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage, Anna recommends weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions. Sessions that are less frequent than monthly become isolated events. Anna will work with you to establish a treatment plan to address your specific concerns. Anna recognizes that each of us is constrained by our budget and our schedules, and will help you maximize the benefit of regular treatment.


Myofascial Therapy

Anna has extensive training in several significant components of Therapeutic Massage. She is particularly intrigued by the fascia tissue in the human body. This tissue is extremely tough and surrounds every muscle, bone, and organ. This is the “glue” that hold everything together. In fact, an injury to one part of the body could result in symptoms in a region of the body. This is due to the inter-related nature of the fascial network — every part of the body is connected to each other in some way. Myofascial Therapy involves releasing tension through manipulating the “deep” fascia. The goal of this type of bodywork is to dissipate muscular tension and rebalance the body. In many cases, Anna will analyze a client’s posture and recommend specific stretches or movements to support the benefits of Myofascial Therapy.